MedWaste by Mail Program

3 Gallon Disposal System (4 Pack)


Price listed includes all shipping costs.

Our 3 gallon multi-pack systems are cost-effective and simple solutions for sharps waste. They replace over-priced pickup services and are a a great solution multiple treatment rooms. It’s a very simple process. When ready, simply place containers in the prepaid return shipping box and leave it for UPS to pickup.


  • Prepaid UPS return shipping box for easy return
  • Leak-proof and puncture-resistant sharps containers — made in the USA
  • Compliance tracking and notifications
  • Certificate of destruction automatically sent via email and available for download


  • Reduces costs by as much as 50% — or even more
  • Purchase as needed — only pay for what you need
  • No contracts, monthly fees, pickup fees, or fuel surcharges

3 Gallon Disposal System (4 Pack)

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