MedWaste by Mail Program

2.5 Gallon Rx Disposal System


Price listed includes all shipping costs.

2.5 gallon system makes it safe and easy to adhere to the pharmaceutical waste disposal requirements.
Important! Pharmacuetical waste (e.g. pills, partial vials, capsules, etc) CANNOT be discarded in the trash or in bio-hazard containers with other red bag and sharps waste. Anything that contains pharmaceutical waste must be stored in a specifically designated container for proper disposal.


  • Prepaid return shipping box for convenient return
  • Meets DOT standards and complies with EPA requirements
  • Compliance tracking and notifications
  • Certificate of destruction automatically sent via email and available for download


  • Reduces costs by as much as 50% – or even more
  • Purchase as needed – only pay for what you need
  • NO contracts, monthly fees, pickup fees, or fuel surcharges

2.5 Gallon Rx Disposal System

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